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Mission Statement:

            The mission of the Idaho Chief's of Police Association is to combine ideas from   every department to further preserve order, protect property, and enforce regulations for   the citizen's of Idaho. Furthermore, we believe all cities deserve equal representation in   the laws written which they will enforce. In pursuit of this mission, the Association uses a   combined voice to be heard on issues that affect everyone in the state.

  Our value's and ethical standards are the principles guiding our mission.

   In fulfilling our mission, we require the support of the municipalities that we represent,   along with the officials elected to govern this fine state. Together it is possible to   accomplish our mission...

  Tranquility for those who live here, and safety for those who visit.  



News & Announcements

Idaho Chief of Police Winter Conference 2017
Post Falls, Idaho January 30th, 31st and February 1, 2017

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Scot Haug
Post Falls PD
2015 ICOPA President





















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