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          Section 1.  Membership in the Association shall consist of six classifications; Active Members, Active Associate Members, Retired Associate Members, Life Members, and Provisional Members who must obtain a minimum of a Idaho P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate within one (1) year of assuming the position of Chief of Police. The sixth membership is an Out of State Chief of Police Associate Membership.

          Section 2.  Active members shall consist of those individuals who are actively engaged as duly appointed full time Chiefs of Police of legally constituted municipal police departments in the State of Idaho and the Chief Executive Officer of the Idaho State Police who hold at least an Idaho “Basic” P.O.S.T. certificate.  Any active member in this Association who shall resign or be removed from his/her position shall automatically cease to be a member of or be entitled to any benefits of this Association. Their membership shall terminate on the date of resignation or lawful removal from office as Chief of Police.

          Section 3.  Active Associate members shall consist of the head of any State law enforcement department, other than the Chief Executive Officer of the Idaho State Police, or Federal law enforcement organization located within the State of Idaho, or assistant chiefs of police, deputy chiefs of police, executive heads and division, district or bureau commanding officers who may wish to join the Association.  Such members may take part in all Association activities, but will have no vote nor hold office.

          Section 4.  Retired Associate members shall consist of members of the Association who retire while active members.  Membership classification will be changed from Active to Retired Associate.  Such members may take part in all Association activities and shall be entitled to any benefits otherwise provided, but shall have no vote on business matters.  Retired Associate membership shall terminate upon death or when annual dues cease to be paid.

          Section 5.  Provisional members shall consist of members who have been appointed to the position of Chief of Police within the past year and have been accepted as members of the Association.  Their membership is contingent upon them obtaining a minimum of an Idaho P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate within one year of their appointment to Chief of Police.

          Section 6.  Life members shall consist of those members who have honorably served in the capacity of President of the Association.  Life members shall be entitled to all privileges and benefits of the Association as those provided to active members while serving as Chief of Police and to retired members after retirement.

          Section 7.  An Out of State Chief of Police may join the Association as an Associate Member.  He/she must be sponsored by the Regional Vice President closest to the out of state Chief.


Application for Membership

          Section 1.  Application for membership shall be made in writing to the President.  The application shall reflect the full name of the applicant, age, residence, official title, the name of the police department represented, and such additional information as my be required by the Board of Directors, together with the appropriate membership dues.

          Section 2.  Upon receipt of the application and dues payment, the President will verify, through the Vice President of the region in which the applicant resides, that the applicant:

1.   is a duly appointed Idaho Police Chief,

2.   of a legally constituted municipality,

3.   possesses a minimum of a current “Basic” P.O.S.T. certificate,

4.   meets the basic criteria established by the Board of Directors for membership to the       ICOPA.

Once verified, the President will direct the Treasurer to issue a membership card, forward a copy of the By-Laws and other pertinent data to the applicant.  The President will report all new members at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

          Section 3.  Any member may terminate membership at any time upon delivery to the President of the Association such resignation and the President shall notify the Board of Directors of the resignation at the next regular Board meeting.

          Section 4.  Termination from membership in this corporation shall be concurrent with the termination of the qualifications of any person for membership therein.









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